The Last Days of Lehman Brothers

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers

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Michael Samuels
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The heads of Wall Street's biggest investment banks were summoned to an evening meeting by the US Treasury Secretary, Hank P... 更多



经典英文对白摘抄 2019-11-21

第一幕:FridayThis programme contains strong language.这个节目包含了大量脏话。If you talk to 100 people, 102 are going to tell you they hate bankers, but most people won''t be able to tell you why.In general, people resent those they perceive to be on top. That''s how the French Revolution happened... 详情

The Last Days of Lehman Brothers 2017-07-03

1 Lower your head down. Be reserved and be smart. 2 The most valuable asset is not money, but credit and trust. Warren Buffet is really smart. 3 Always build rainy day fund for yourself. 4 Please don''t be the first one to die. 5 Focus on your core competency. Spend more time on your own career... 详情

兼有法律剧的唇枪舌剑和阴谋片的悬疑和勾心斗角 2009-09-10

这是 BBC 拍摄的第2部有关2008年金融海啸的剧情片了,上一部Free Fall是纯剧情片,这一部片头字幕称除了部份虚构的对话外,大部份情节是基于公开记录。这部片子所说的是2008年9月12日星期五到14日星期天这3天“雷曼兄弟的最后日子”。主要故事线索是美国财政部长Hank Paulson召集几家美国最大的投资银行CEO密会,要他们在3... 详情